JANBOELO is a Dutch fashion label founded in 2010 by Jan Boelo Drenth. JANBOELO is eager to create an exclusive and independant look. The collections are designed and made with utmost care in their atelier in Winschoten (The Netherlands). The garments are made for independent people with a certain lifestyle and character of their own.

When you wear JANBOELO, you feel self-confident. The target group cannot be put out on age, but it are people who are trendsetting in modern, with a strong personality of their own and who are not afraid of showing it. Accompanied by it’s Custom Made collections, JANBOELO launched his first ready-to-wear collection in 2016.

The collections arise mostly out of inspiration from the music industry. Since his childhood, Jan Boelo has a passion for music and combines this in his collections. The collections have a Rock ’n Roll look, characterized by a certain soberness, strong lines and a high amount of attitude. Leather is used as a base for most of the garments, whether it is a pair of stretch leather trousers, or a jersey dress with leather details.

Custom Made

Jan Boelo originally started working with Custom Made garments, designed especially for his clièntele. He still loves to design clothes which are one of a kind and sewn by hand, just for you. Whether this is a (wedding) dress, a special leather jacket of a pair of stretch leather trousers: one-to-one, he will talk with you about the possibilities. Also Jan Boelo has designed several garments for corporate use. 

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